Amstelveen,10/12/2010 – Centered around a unique online brand activation campaign, Schweppes launches the “Schweppesonality campaign”: a ground-breaking activation campaign that features an interactive viral film and is empowered by all social media.
“Unexpected since 1783”, Schweppes has grown into a soft drink brand characterized by a premium, modern, adult, sophisticated personality. The European-wide campaign “Schweppesonality” is destined to honor those consumers who have contributed in making what the Schweppes brand stands for today. They are enthusiastic, self-assured, have strong personalities, project a distinctive aura and, of course, love Schweppes.

This viral experience consists of being part of a personalized film using the most innovative integration techniques. You are immediately absorbed into the action to become the star of the adventure. In the headquarters of the “Schweppesonality Magazine”, you are led by the editor-in-chief through the various stages of the creation of the next issue of the magazine. At the end of the film, you will feature on the cover of the next issue of the magazine and you are even displayed on giant billboards all over a big city.

With your own Schweppesonality magazine cover, you can enter the election of the “Schweppesonality of the Year”. Post your cover on Facebook and Twitter, try to collect as many votes as you can to win one of the iPads or Schweppes cocktail mixing sets.

Throughout 12 European countries, the Schweppesonality adventure can be experienced by logging on

Schweppes offers the most refreshing experience in over 90 countries around the world. Dating back to 1783, Schweppes can proudly say it is the oldest soft drink in the world. It stands for refined flavours, premium quality and stylishness. Schweppes: the premium adult soft drink. Unexpected since 1783.

Schweppes partnered up with Emakina/Agency for this campaign which is part of their revitalisation of the brand. Emakina, the “digital native agency” chooses the viral marketing techniques for the implementation of this activation campaign, which will run till the end of January.

Schweppes is part of the Orangina Schweppes Group, the 3rd player in the European carbonated soft drinks market. Orangina Schweppes Group has a portfolio of 22 well diversified brands, among which 6 core historical brands (Schweppes, Orangina, Oasis, Trina, Pulco and La Casera).

For more information, please contact:
Menno Braakman
Phone: 0031-20 347 9170

Talia Hendlisz
Phone: 0032-24 004 000
"This is the first online campaign ever for Schweppes launched by OSI. We are working with a creative agency, seeding agency and brand monitoring agency to optimize before and during the campaign and to be able to have a good evaluation of the campaign. The most important thing for us, is to learn from this first experience in order to really make a big impact in 2011! We are launching in an English campaign on our European website and launching translated versions with local seeding campaigns in Italy and Hungary. This way we hope to build a success case in those countries to serve as an example to our other partners/countries" Menno Braakman - Online Communication Manager Orangina Schweppes International
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